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AARC was established 10 years ago as a counselling organisation serving Renfrew and surrounding areas. The remit and scope of the AARC Team has expanded and now delivers counselling and supervision across central Scotland.

Our aims are
  • To contribute to the emotional health and wellbeing through effective counselling
  • To deliver for Scotland a new generation of reflective and skilful counselling practitioners
  • To raise the standards and outcomes of counselling in Scotland
  • AARC Services are dedicated to facilitating the emotional growth, wellbeing and maturity of the people of Scotland and beyond.
  • We believe that individual, family and community health and well-being is nurtured in relationships; and that throughout life we can learn, change, and grow to be our best selves
  • We provide psychotherapeutic services to those in emotional pain; support counsellors with constructive supervision; and deliver integrative and systemic training courses for the next generation of effective psychotherapist    
  • Our values are based on inclusivity, ethical practice, transparency, and life-long learning
Training Programme

A suite of accredited courses and cpd from introductory to master’s level - SMHFA (Scottish Mental Health First Aid - COSCA Counselling Skills Course - Diploma in Supervision - Diploma in Counselling: an integrated approach.


AARC counsellors work with adults, adolescents, couples and families; and have extensive experience helping with personal and professional relationships.

Face-to-face, online and telephone appointments are available across central Scotland.


Face-to-face and online supervision for counsellors and other professionals. Supervision in counselling is an important part of working to professional standards. As such, it is required by the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, published by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).


My experience of completing the counselling diploma with this team was exceptional. I felt supported and encouraged to learn and achieve the best possible results. Their beliefs in the subject and its ability to help others carried through everything we were taught. The learning was detailed, covering all aspects of counselling, I never doubted their skills and knowledge, which they were clearly keen to share. I left the course feeling I had all the tools at my disposal to offer my professional services as a counsellor.  
Going into year 1 of the diploma I had low self-worth and self-esteem and didn't realise how little I knew about myself. I had no academic experience and had to learn about myself and how to write academic essays on top of how to become a counsellor. The trainers had their work cut out for them, they saw something in me and took a chance on me. Their patience, encouragement and genuine care helped shape me into the person and counsellor I am now. We were always told to put the theories through ourselves to understand them, and it opened up my world of self-awareness. I also finished year 2 by getting A`s and an overall score of B2 - something I never thought was possible but it was with their support.
Honestly you made a huge impact on my learning and therapy path. Keep me updated with your training programmes
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