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Dispute Mediation

Dispute Mediation is the intervention in a negotiation or conflict of an independent person as Mediator. The Mediator remains neutral and does not make decisions for the parties but helps them to reach an agreement which is acceptable to both.


Mediation offers an effective way of understanding and resolving
disputes and on-going problems and reaching agreements in a way that
is satisfactory for both sides and enables you to continue with an on-going relationship. As a Mediator, I facilitate this process. The solutions and agreements come from those involved. Meetings are informal. The presence of an independent Mediator is reassuring for both sides, allowing you to safely express your point of view.


Couple or Family Mediation is available for separating or divorcing couples who wish to make arrangements in a collaborative way for the division of property or the care of children.


Inter-Generational Mediation or Sibling Mediation is available to help resolve family discord






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