Corporate Services

Employment Assistance Programmes including counselling can benefit employers and employees by:

Facilitating better communication
Reducing stress
Contributing to a satisfying workplace
Enhancing harmony at home and work


Supervision offers a professional service rather than a managerial role.


Benefit to Employer

Reduction in staff turnover
Reduction in absenteeism
Less disciplinary actions
Inclusive decision making



Benefit to Employee

Staff learn new ways of relating and problem solving
Home life issues that impact on work:
Family violence
Emotional, physical or sexual abuse
Separation or divorce
Loss or grief
Transitions such as children leaving home



Neuro Linguistic Processing – Coaching/Training

What is NLP?

NLP is a way of thinking and a set of skills that are easy to understand, that will give you more focus, self esteem, power to make good decisions, focus, direction, self confidence, ability to increase productivity and faster progress.
Employers can assist build better Teams by encouraging NLP training within their organisations.
Employees will master, with confidence, the art of purposeful communication, and become an expert of persuasion.


Benefit to Employer

Enhanced communication skills
Improved Staff Performance due to increased confidence
Motivated Staff
Better goal setting
Increased project completion
Better relationship with co-workers


Benefit to Employee

Improve Performance Anxiety
More-balanced life
Increased self-awareness
Lower stress levels
Improved quality of life
Better family relationships








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